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Design and setup

While recording stuff off the air for free is certainly easy on the budget, TiVo says that the Bolt OTA offers uncompromised video quality. Video quality will likely be the biggest selling point for the Bolt OTA over streaming bundle services. Relatedly, Hulu—including the Hulu with Live TV service that broadcasts live and on-demand programming—is experiencing a nationwide outage as I write this on Wednesday evening.

Over-the-air broadcasts have no such issues. TiVo's real issue is that cheapskates like me aren't willing to pay more for the better interface.

TiVo targets cord-cutters (again) with the Bolt OTA

That's always been a problem for TiVo: it's an independent company competing with major players like Amazon and cable companies that make most of their money in other ways, so they can discount their DVRs. Do the math and that pays off in three years. If I decide to upgrade my existing four-year-old TV, which I probably will, I'll probably end up getting upgraded streaming services for free.

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If you haven't gone OTA-plus-streaming yet, you really should. I'll be looking with interest at reviews of both products.

TiVo BOLT OTA Hands-on Review | Antenna DVR and Streaming | Digital Trends

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Review: 2018 TiVo Bolt OTA DVR for Antennas & Cord Cutting

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