How passive aggressive assertive deals with interpersonal conflict

Those on the receiving end of aggressive behavior tend to feel attacked and often avoid the aggressive individual, understandably. Ironically, they often feel like victims, too. Passive people aim to avoid conflict by avoiding communication about their needs and feelings, but this behavior damages relationships in the long run.

They may feel like victims, but continue to avoid confrontation, becoming increasingly angry until, when they finally do say something, it comes out aggressively. This leads to hard feelings, weaker relationships, and more passivity.

Understanding our Responses to conflict: Passive, Aggressive and Assertive

The first step in becoming more assertive is to take an honest look at yourself and your responses, to see where you currently stand. The answers to the following questions will help clue you in:. If you answered yes to several of these, you may benefit from learning assertiveness skills. Struggling with stress?

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Being Assertive

Here are some common scenarios, with examples of each style of behavior:. Scenario A: Someone cuts in front of you at the supermarket. A passive response would be to just let the person stay in front of you.

Do you have difficulty accepting constructive criticism? Do you have trouble voicing a difference of opinion with others? Do people tend to feel alienated by your communication style when you do disagree with them?

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Do you feel attacked when someone has an opinion different from your own? Was this page helpful? For anyone with experience working with game theories Two animals are fighting over some prey. Each can be passive or aggressive. Each prefers to be aggressive if its opponent is passive, and passive if its opponent is.

Active & Passive Responses to Conflict | Synonym

Can anyone think of another example of a Personological variable other than just personality? I'm looking at the General Aggression Model the long term one and it says an increase in agressive personality leads to Personological. How each of the following personality deal with interpersonal conflict:Introverts,Bullies and extroverts. Evaluate the extent to which peer pressure can impact negatively on interpersonal conflict.

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So, what happens when a Bully picks on another bully? What'll happen to the bully that bullied another bully for bullying a young kid?