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His body is similar to Snow Sugar or Blackberry Cookie in movement. Magnetic aura is not mandatory and he scores just fine for me. His pet makes Sea Bubbles in regular intervals. When together you get extra points for all jellies. Now for the treasures: 5, extra points for Sea Bubbles pet and 1, extra points for jellies during a ride cookie when maxed. Time for the deep meaning behind… When people speculate about the inspiration Devsisters had. I think Peppermint Candy was based on a movie with the same name. You can see the same look in the eyes.

I think Peppermint is really depressed. And the pet and concept was a tribute to the victims of the sinking of MV Sewol on April The entire floor is flooded with sunlight and it's easy to see from one end to the other. Homey and casual is in, Frantz said. From such a perspective, a glass-and-steel high-rise may also be an unwelcome relic of another era to tenants who want to work in — and be seen in — so-called creative space. If the courtyard was a belly button, it would be an "innie" instead of an "outie" like a standard balcony is, said architect Rob Jernigan, a managing principal at Gensler, which is creating a new look for Citigroup Center.

Gensler has already experimented with the concept at nearby City National Plaza, where the architects created small "innie" balconies for one firm on the 51st floor. Exterior symmetry is no longer a requirement for a Class A buildings, Jernigan said.

Pumping up the appeal of the building doesn't guarantee that it will fill up, of course. Another , square feet of competitive office space will be added downtown with the completion of the Wilshire Grand skyscraper in Twitter: rogervincent. Photoshop is hard to learn. So Adobe wants artificial intelligence to be your guide. It frees up space to learn new skills which propel you to ever higher levels of mastery. Teaching newbies moves your mind in the complete opposite direction.

You bring skills that you now take for granted back into conscious awareness. How is this helpful? Besides the satisfaction of introducing a great sport to initiates, teaching is like taking a refresher course. Do you stockpile lots of paper, cardboard, pine sticks and gasoline? Or do you order a few cords of slow, but hot, burning hardwoods? Expel most of the refined sugars and simple carbs from your life and I guarantee that you will feel and perform great After a solid week of feeling awful.

Check labels. If the so called energy bar has 20g or more of sugar, take a pass, or better yet, make your own. Dump the gels in your hummingbird feeders. The time to give up your sugar addiction or to figure out the right formula is emphatically not on or immediately prior to race day.

I get it. You have your favorite loop that you know like the back of your hand. Get a good light and some extra battery packs and ride at night as fast as you can without putting yourself in peril. Even the most familiar trails will be a challenge and your bike handling skills will improve automatically. Other ideas—pick a fairly technical trail and ride it as slow as possible without faltering. Pick an easy, lightly trafficked, trail and ride it as fast as possible.

Smell the Roses. There are so many amazing runners that show up for the Peak Ultra, Brian Nephew is definitely one of them! Thanks Brian for trying to explain the Peak Ultra:. After all what kind of race starts at 6am on a Friday morning?! I notice lights up the driveway coming from a dilapidated shed.

Our race director! Or as I learned through my time on the mountain, a tour guide through suffering. The only cowbells you will hear are from the cows in the fields below; it will take more than cowbells. Flashback to the Peak Ultra 30 I had actually been here before, the year prior for the 30 mile which by all reasonable calculations was 35 miles.

On that day I had the most personally inspiring experience. I witnessed people attempting to run miles.

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Not only did I witness it, I had the opportunity to share miles with one of them. It will break you, multiple times. And yet you will love it. I choose to keep what I found in me on that course to myself. I connected with some incredible people I hope to always stay in touch with. In the Pony barn, and on the Stairs, and at Shreks, and in the Labrynth…….

Maybe it never happened. The Peak Snowshoe Race has 4 distances, from 10k to miles, to choose from. The course will be a rugged 6. Each loop has vertical. The charities were to be decided by the top finishers. For a small race company like Peak the opportunity to put this much money toward getting good things done is a pretty big deal. Where the best and hardest parts of the course have badass, backwoods names like Bloodroot and The Labarynth. Where, if you want to be a local, you have a wide range of vehicle choices: Subaru Outback or Ford F After the race, I see what she means about this race and why she wants to come back every year.

Thinking about taking on the Peak Ultra? We have some amazing athletes this year taking on distances from 30 to miles, but if your new to the sport you can join the fun with our 15 mile run. This is an amazing opportunity to get a taste for the world of Ultra Running and Trail Running. This race is all about testing yourself and your limits.

Author and coach Travis Macy will be running in the Peak Ultra 50 this year. He will be giving a free talk to help racers get their heads ready for the Ultra , whatever distance they run. Travis Macy is a speaker, author, coach, and professional endurance athlete. Travis lives with his wife and two young children in the mountains around Evergreen, Colorado. Only 4 racers have completed the mile distance at the Peak Ultra. Here are his memories of the event. After I take the turn from VT to , I make a conscious effort to not put the pedal to the floor for the final 13 miles on the way to Pittsfield.

The mystique surrounding the trails at Peak is well-known amongst those who make the annual pilgrimage there. There is an energy within that forest that cannot be denied. We began on a Thursday afternoon in late May. Incessant rain dominated our first few days on the trail. We were muddy, constantly wet, and tired. The forest seemed dark and imposing- perhaps compounded by the daunting task that lay ahead. I believe the sun finally made an appearance on day 3. New England forests in general are very dynamic during this time of year, as everything begins to come back to life after a long winter.

The flora changed from deep green to bright and vibrant…growing right before our eyes. The grass and ferns, not much taller than ankle-height at the beginning, grew to knee height. A haunting forest suddenly became inviting, even during the final night when things were at their toughest. A few days after finishing, I chatted with fellow finisher Nick Bautista. After knowing the whereabouts and condition of seemingly every root, rock, and plant, it is very hard to not know how the trail is doing.

What if Air Conditioners Could Help Save the Planet Instead of Destroying It?

I know how silly this probably sounds, but when the only thing you have with you are your thoughts, suffering, and nature around you, the attachment becomes very real. Peak Races are polarizing, but in a good way. You will have some of your worst moments on these trails. There is a good chance you will end up at rock bottom, and you just may stay there for a long, long while…. The collective energy of this place and the people around it will raise you up.

You will learn, adapt, and then have some of your best moments here- and while those good and bad moments may not last forever, the memories will. And those memories will change you. It is quite possible that many of you will, like I did, fall in love with this mountain and these trails and PEAK will become your bliss. These are no ordinary trails…. You are on a mountain that holds memories. A mountain that has silently witnessed amazing feats from ordinary people. What will you take away from your PEAK experience? I can assure you that you will be challenged.

You will suffer moments of doubt, maybe even fear, but whether or not you cross that finish line in the time given or with the number of loops expected you will have accomplished something great. I have always said PEAK is about the extra loop. It is not for a medal or your name listed as a finisher it is really about finding your inner reserve, tapping into it, and pushing yourself farther than you ever thought possible.

Welcome to the PEAK family…. Are interested in our races?

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Rate yourself from 1 to 10 on each these 6 questions. Then check our recommendations below. Do you think like a winner, with the confidence that you can achieve your goal no matter the obstacles? Do you learn from your mistakes? Do you have the energy you need to get through your to do list every day? Do you get out of bed ready to face the day, no snooze button, and carry that energy all day? Do you accept sole responsibility for every choice you make, never blaming others?

Are you sure you want to delete all of your shopping list items?

When a problem arises do you focus on what you control? Do you cultivate your creativity and trust it to help you solve problems? Do you look beyond tried and true solutions for new solutions? Are you persistent? How did you do? Calculate your total score then click the score below to see what we recommend for you. First thing, racers were picked up at the Angel of Independence statue in Mexico City. The 48 hopefuls were split into two buses and driven a few hours out of town.

Though most had prepared for hot and sunny, they were dropped off almost 12, feet up a major volcano. There they had to scramble through a field to find their bibs before being given a frozen fish to carry for the rest of the race based on the legend that Aztec ruler Moctezuma had runners bring him fresh fish daily from the ocean hundreds of miles away and, in a huge departure from tradition, their skull.

With all this precious cargo safely stowed, they then set out on a fast paced ascent, climbing another 3, feet in only seven kilometers! A handful of racers dropped almost immediately as the extreme elevation made them terribly nauseous. Those who made it to the top of this trip then turned and headed down the volcano in the darkness, covering another 25 km before the sun rose, including the last couple miles dragging massive logs through an Arroyo and a river. As they arrived at camp not without a couple more racers dropping out after being injured by falling rocks they found all that all but 10 had been eliminated for missing a time hack and the rest had to turn in their bibs.

When it was pointed out that the surviving group had gained a huge advantage being the only ones not directed into the river on the descent, they were given a choice to be the only ones still racing or to also turn in their bibs and to join the others in a penalty to earn them all back together. The group of ten voted, almost unanimously, to remove their bibs to give the rest a chance to continue.

Joe then assigned them a collective half million jumping jacks and got them started before heading for a nap. With the sun rising over the volcano behind them, the group completed a couple hundred thousand burpees before being told it was time to retrieve their bibs.

Many had figured out that we had sunk them in an abandoned pool that had become a stinking, slimy pond.

petroleum | National Geographic Society

That knowledge did not make it any easier to wade in, with someone finding a dead mouse floating almost immediately. As the racers found their bibs they were allowed to start the individual racing. Taylor Cuevas was the very last one out of the pool, waiting to ensure that everyone else had found theirs, especially a few racers who were unable to swim. The next ten hours was a whirlwind of brutal work. Low crawls in a concrete ditch, running through rugged canyons, rock climbing a waterfall, carrrying massive logs a mile uphill and then firing rifles at small targets and swimming more laps of the horrible pond for anything less than 3 bullseyes, trudging up the river carrying ridiculously heavy bags of chopped wood more than body weight for some of the smaller females and scaling a climbing wall in an abandoned three story tower.

Over several hours, most racers were sick to their stomachs and all were pushed to their absolute breaking point. Several previous DR finishers were unable to complete the tasks before the 6pm hard cutoff, which was announced midafternoon. Impressively, however, very few stopped — even once official finisher status was out of reach — and ground it out right to the end. The Dirty Dozen who did complete everything in time finished with a loop that started with a rappel down the waterfall, a run through the canyon, a scramble up the bank and a low crawl the opposite direction in the concrete ditch, before crossing a suspension bridge and heading back to camp.

nbsp; ❧ Overall ‘Mint Candy Cookie’ by artist ハイン/hayen

There they had to cook their fish over the fire and eat a bite before being declared an official finisher. Taylor Cuevas, who had stayed in the pool and started dead last, had worked his way to the front of the pack and was crowned champion. This was a Winter Death Race for the ages. While over had registered, a blast of savage weather kept all but the hardiest at home with only 30 actually showing up to toe the start line.

The race began Friday evening, immediately following the 9pm pre-race meeting. The first order of business, after 50 fully loaded burpees, was to drag enormous logs up the mountain, breaking new trail in the deep snow the whole way.

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  6. Working in three teams, they took a few hours to make the first trip and were rewarded with a second one — this time carrying buckets full of logs as well. Upon arriving at the summit, racers were released to sprint to the bottom and begin racing in earnest. This continued full-tilt until Sunday morning, with the racers enduring multiple trips to the summit, carrying various loads, building a mountainside cabin, and standing, barefoot on a cold floor, blindfolded and earmuffed while required to count off one hour in their head with a penalty for time over or under.

    Sunday morning, as the state closed the highways due to severe freezing rain, racers were regrouped and brought upstairs in the barn for a surprise dance lesson from a 9 yr old neighbor. After repeatedly failing their group recital, with penalties including 50 times rolling down a snowy hill, they were finally allowed to advance. There they were made to sit armpits deep in the rushing water for a ten minute preview of what was to come.

    Chilled to the bone, the racers were then given only a few minutes to get changed and be upstairs for a closing meeting. They battled for space in the basement but all managed to make it upstairs in time. They were congratulated on finishing the prescribed tasks, but told that they still had their penalties to complete. Working well into Monday morning, now in a significant snowstorm, only 9 racers were able to complete their penalties before the 6am cut off.

    Shortly after 7am, approximately 58 hours after the start, the nine skulls were presented as the sun rose. Another buddy workout that will get your ready for the Peak team death race. Grab your partner and push yourself beyond the limits. See who can go longer. Spartan Warm Up Alternate between sets of pull-ups and push-ups, assisting when necessary.

    Spartan Cool Down. A full body workout that works all aspects of the body. You can make this as hard as you want with doing multiple sets of this. After all, the peak races are not easy so should your workout be easy? Good Luck! This week WOD is all about pushing yourself to the limit. Do as many can before you fail. The simplest workouts of them all, pushups and situps. Do as many as you can without taking a break.

    If you can do all without a break then your looking pretty fit. This weeks WOD is all about the lower body. Your legs will be burning after this workout just as the Peak snowshoe race would make them. Good Luck and Push yourself beyond the limits. Joshua Grant shows us some dance moves to really work on core strength. Get dancing! Good luck and push yourself beyond your limits. We will mostly be focusing on our core and lower body. We want to push ourselves to the limits. Do as many as you can of one exercise before moving to the next.

    Mike will take us through this weeks WOD. Pushing yourself to the full thirty reps is the best way to get the most out of this workout. Are you ready to push yourself beyond your limits? This weeks WOD will mentally drain you but will help get you ready for the next death race. Today we are working on our explosion in our arms and legs. This is a great workout for getting in shape for the Warman ride. Another week of testing your endurance. Jason puts you through three different exercises that work your entire body.

    If twenty minutes is to easy then maybe go for thirty or more. Ready to test your endurance?