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Easy access buttons for Netflix Save your recorded shows for This is the smart TV for you. Catch up with Freeview Catching Colours reach their full potential Sync and stream with This is the future of TV. Please check your television manufacturer's VESA specifications to confirm General - Maximum TV Weight: It might be the best TV to date for some.

LG Smart TV | UHD 4K 60 inch TV | LG New Zealand

Sure, it may not be perfect, but this is the closest you can get to a inch TV that has it all. Its HDR images are amazing, and its upscaler engine makes content of almost all resolutions look great. Even the sound is the best that we've heard from a Samsung TV in years, so it's a strong all-rounder. In perfect cinema-style conditions you'll see deeper blacks from an OLED though.

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Sony's latest TVs have more advanced motion handling, and image quality does take a hit at an angle, so keep that in mind. However, you can't do any better at the moment if you want ultra-bright HDR images, as well as great contrast. Read the full review: Samsung 65Q9FN. The soundbar also has a mammoth 12 drivers, for audio actually worth listening to. Picture quality is fantastic on this inch 4K TV set, edging out LG's models with better handling of areas of shadow, which can look a little noisy in the LG sets. Not so here, however. On the downside, there's no Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision processing, which seems a shame when the audio and visual sides are otherwise so strong.

The price also needs to be considered. But why is it lower on our list of the best inch 4K TVs?

Let us explain. This is the premium alternative to the C8. It has a better speaker system and a more impressive-looking 'floating' stand design. However, underneath the gloss and audio improvements, you get more or less the same TV, with the same Alpha 9 processor. We use a surround sound speaker system with the TV, so the benefits of the improved drivers are minimal.


Sony, Panasonic and LG all make them, and each offers multiple options. Its processing is excellent, making SD and HD look better than the LG competition, and this is largely down to great upscaling algorithms. Its motion handling is excellent too. And when you add that to the vivid color and flawless contrast of OLED, you're on to a winner. Be prepared for some frustration, though, because the Android TV software is awkward and prone to crashes it's made us want to snap the remote a few times in the past.

Improvements include greater brightness, which improves HDR performance, and even better motion handling. In fact, we doubt you'll find smoother motion handling on any other set.

Image quality is also fantastic, with great black depth and insight — even SD content looks good. However, it does give you access to masses of apps, games and streaming services.

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Sound quality has improved too, although this TV's speakers won't, of course, make an action movie's explosions shake your floorboards. Their 'picture only' design has been beautifully realized, managing to be simultaneously subtle and dramatic.


Meanwhile, their vibrating screen delivers a far more powerful and effective sound performance than we'd ever thought possible. The real stars of the show here, though, are the A1's exquisitely detailed, contrast-rich and colorful pictures. These prove emphatically what we've long suspected: more brands using OLED technology can only lead to good things for TVs in general.